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Wayfinding is much more than signs. It is a way of looking at an environment and organizing the visual and verbal cues within that environment to help people access the areas they need.

One of the guiding principles of wayfinding theory is that wayfinding programs should be designed for the first-time visitor. It is imperative to orient visitors properly and to make them as self-sufficient as possible in finding their way.

Good wayfinding is intuitive, but not all environments are as intuitively designed as they might be. Given the choice, people will naturally turn right instead of left. Signage, therefore, has to compensate for the anti-intuitive circulation pattern that results.

Examples of anti-intuitive situations are:

  • Multiple or hard-to-find public entrances
  • arbitrary floor-level designations
  • highly technical terminology
  • elevators that are unnecessarily hidden
  • illogical relationships of related services

After reviewing the facility by blueprints, photographs, or walk through, Orde Sign & Graphics, Inc.'s team will develop and design a plan that is a constant, consistent communication throughout the system, including locations or room functions, public entrances, and preferred routes through the facility and nomenclature, such as elevator cores, stairwells and new additions.

The Orde team focuses our efforts on one vision: an accessible, effective, and inviting environment that encourages people to return.

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