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Custom Signage

A custom sign, also referred to as an on-premise sign, contains information concerning a good(s), product(s), service(s), or activity(ies) located on the premises. Custom signs include signs that are mounted permanently to the building or ground. These include pylon, ground-mounted, and building-mounted signs, along with many others.

In addition to serving as commercial communication devices, custom signs can function as guide points, directing motorists to their destinations. Further, a custom sign can be designed to reflect the character or architecture of your building (its surroundings).

Why Signage is Important/Value of Signage

In 98% of all U.S. retailing, the business sign is the basic link to customers—whether used to prompt an impulse stop and shop or to help customers develop a memory for the displayed good, product, service, or business name for future use. For almost all businesses, the most cost-effective and efficient form of advertising to potential customers is via on-premise signage.

To compete against nationally recognized retailers, independent small businesses generally rely on their on-premise signage to attract the attention of potential customers and prompt a stop. In some cases, a sign may be the only visible cue that a business is there.

*Source: The Value of Signs, by R. Claus, S. Claus, and T. Claus, 2002.

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